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Rated M For Marathon is proud to announce that we are teaming up with Facebook's own Kakarot for a Dragon Ball Z minithon titled "Kakarot for Kids"!! Kakarot will be providing raffle prizes while we play several Dragon Ball Z themed games over the course of 7 hours (one for each Dragon Ball) on August 30th. Minithon kicks off at 2:00PM Central Time!

Also following will be BioThon 2: Electric Boogaloo! It’s the third anniversary of Rated M for Marathon’s charity streams, and to celebrate, we’ll be playing games and entertaining viewers for our longest time ever, 4 days straight! To celebrate, we’re recreating our first marathon, that went 90 hours straight, featuring games from BioWare such as Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Age: Origins! We want this to be out biggest money-raising effort for Child’s Play yet, so tune in on September 19th and help us make the biggest event in our history the best!

Current total raised for charity: $15,672.18

bullet Biothon 1 (Rated M's birth)
bullet Metal Gear Marathon
bullet Chrono-Force Marathon
bullet Elder Scrolls Marathon
bullet Dark Cloud Marathon
bullet Dragon Ball Marathon
bullet Zeldathon
bullet Super Hero Marathon